Hose Fittings

Mobile Service

ENZED with our professional hose servicing and repair services offer a 24/7 hose replacement service.

Wherever you are, you can be assured that there's an experienced, on-call ENZED HOSE DOCTOR® nearby. Behind every ENZED HOSE DOCTOR® stands our global training and support. Our people learn from the world's best in the business. Expert help is just a phone call away.

ENZED uses genuine, high quality Parker Hannifin parts and employ fully trained technicians. Our focus is on getting you back up and running fast, as well as making sure that your hoses are expertly installed and maintained so you don't have trouble in the first place.

ENZED has hose servicing and repair experience across a huge range of industries from industrial, manufacturing and transport through to agriculture, pharmaceutical and military machinery.

See the ENZED website for further details.

Hose Manufacture

Cram Fluid Power can provide hoses fully compliant with MDG41 requirements and record all MDG41 hoses on a database which provides full auditability.

What is MDG41?

MDG41 is an industry based response to the increased number of fluid injection and related injuries being sustained in the mining sector. Mechanical Design Guideline 41 is a guideline published by the NSW Department of Primary Industry and is now recognised in other states. This is a reference document that should be used when reviewing plant risks in accordance with state Occupational Heath & Safety Acts / Regulations. MGD41 relates to fluid power systems at all mines (open-cut and underground), quarries, dredges, mineral extraction operations and associated plant operating above 5 MPa, (720 Psi) or 60 degrees Celsius. MDG41 also provides an effective medical protocol to be followed in the event of fluid injection injuries.